EMBO Workshop

Dying in self-defense: Cell death signaling in animals and plants

01 – 05 May 2022 | Crete, Greece

About the Workshop

Cell death is fundamental for life of animals and plants. Besides its key role in development, tissue homeostasis and in immunity, dysregulation of cell death has been linked with multiple diseases. The recent discovery that, beyond apoptosis, there are multiple signalling pathways that regulate necrotic cell death in animals has brought new attention to the field. A novel concept is emerging where different types of regulated cell death communicate distinctly with the tissue microenvironment to modulate defensive immune responses and stimulate tissue repair. However, they can also lead to tissue damage and disease both in plants and in animals.

The goal of this edition of the workshop is to bring together researchers working in cell death in animals and plants to discuss the most recent developments in the field. The workshop will have a focus on the molecular and cellular mechanisms that mediate the different forms of cell death and on their effect on the tissue microenvironment. The meeting will provide a unique opportunity for interaction between researchers from both kingdoms, which will bring about new ideas about the common features and underlying mechanisms in cell death signalling and in the tissue responses it elicits both in health and disease.



1 April 2022