Swedish Research Council, VR

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The Swedish Research Council is a Government agency in Sweden established in 2001, with the responsibility to support and develop basic scientific research. Its objective is for Sweden to be a leading nation in scientific research.

Our Mission

Swedish Research Council VR, has provided during the past few years three generous grants.

Project 1:

The role of limited proteolysis in cell polarity

In this project, our aim is to identify novel components of the polarization machinery in cells. We have identified and engineered a unique bipartite system comprising proteolytic components and molecular motors. We build on this finding to link molecular stretching and abscission with establishment/maintenance of cell polarity.

To accomplish the aims of this project, we are using a large set of interdisciplinary tools and approaches, including advanced single molecule microscopy, Raman Confocal Microscopy and Spectral imaging, in vitro reconstitution approaches and structural biology/dynamics.

This project is expected to shed light on the still obscure phenomenon of molecular abscission and stretching/stress enforcement. In the long run, we anticipate that we will shed light on how organisms regulate their stereotyped development.

Project 2:

Structural identification of SGs components.

In this collaborative project between our group, Peter’s Bozhkov group (leader) and Alexey’s Amounts group, we aim at the structural elucidation of SGs.

We anticipate that by the end of the project’s term, we will further our understanding on how cell is perceived and transduced in the cell and among cells.

Project 3 (finalized):

The role of the protease separase in plant biology

In this project, we investigated with Peter Bozhkov the role of separase in plant biology.

Publications from this project:

1.The Proteolytic Landscape Of An Arabidopsis Separase-Deficient Mutant Reveals Novel Substrates Associated With Plant Development

2.The caspase-related protease separase (extra spindle poles) regulates cell polarity and cytokinesis in Arabidopsis

3.EXTRA SPINDLE POLES (Separase) controls anisotropic cell expansion in Norway spruce (Picea abies) embryos independently of its role in anaphase progression

4.Separase Promotes Microtubule Polymerization by Activating CENP-E-Related Kinesin Kin7

5.Separases: biochemistry and function