Welcome to the site of Panagiotis Moschou Lab!

Work in our group focuses on the roles of homeostasis of proteins and RNA in development and perception of the environment. We are particularly interested in how catabolism and processing of molecules such as proteins and RNA dictate the basic biological processes of stem cell fate regulation, asymmetric cell division, cell polarity and regeneration. In our research, we mainly use the model plant Arabidopsis but we also use crop models such as rapeseed. You can read more about some of our research here.

Our research activities take place in two beautiful locations: Uppsala (Sweden) and the island of Crete (Greece). In Uppsala, you can find us at Uppsala BioCentrum here, in the Department of Plant Biology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). In Crete, at the University of Crete (UoC ), in the Department of Biology and at the Foundation of Research and Technology (FORTH here), in the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (IMBB). We are also part of the Linnean Centre for Plant Biology in Uppsala, which fosters excellent research by providing an arena for cross-disciplinary contacts and the development of ground-breaking research!

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Our sponsors

Our work is funded by the EU, Swedish Research Council VR, FORMAS, Carl Tryggers Foundation, Wallenberg Foundation, SLU, IMBB and UoC. We work in the frame of the EU actions COST proteostasis BM1307 and EPICATCH network. More on our funding and projects here.

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